Aeration Services

Aeration is one of the first steps to a healthier lawn. Air, water, and fertilizer can get to the roots or your lawn by removing a plug of hard-packed soil. Twice yearly aeration is recommended for optimal lawn growth.


Your lawn should be fertilized at least four times a year to maintain health and growth. Regular lawn fertilization strengthens the roots and builds the cellular structure of the grass. The temperature, amount of shade, and foot traffic your lawn receives is a factor in the amount of fertilizer your lawn needs. Our experts will evaluate your lawn’s needs and implement them in your maintenance program.

Mowing, Trimming and Edging your Lawn

The time of year will determine the length your lawn should be. Pitt Landscape understands that a shorter lawn in the spring will allow water and moisture to be better-absorbed, which will strengthen the roots. Strong roots give the lawn a firm foundation to carry it into the hot, dry months of summer and early fall. To protect the roots and keep moisture in, we leave the blades of grass longer. We finish off the manicured look of your yard with trimming and edging.

Sprinkler Repairs and Installation

Pitt provides sprinkler repairs and installations as part of your complete yard maintenance. Effective sprinklers will distribute water evenly through your yard. Your yard cannot look good if you have a faulty sprinkler system. Our landscape experts can repair sprinkler systems quickly and effectively.

Disease & Bug Control

Utah is a high, arid desert, which usually takes the blame for weak, discolored lawns. However, the problem may just be laying under the surface with bugs and pests. Utah has a variety of invasive bugs that call it home. Pitt Landscape has proven methods to rid your lawn of all the creepy-crawlies that can wreak havoc in your landscape.

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